Is a sulfate-free shampoo the best alternative to conventional shampoo and haircare?

When we talk about hair are, there are usually some buzzwords nutritionists like to use, and some include surface-free. What does it mean though? And how is it better for your hair than regular shampoo? We find out more.

What is a sulfate free shampoo?

To understand what sulfate free is, we need to know what shampoos with sulfates are first. Well, essentially, sulfates scrape off or cleanse off grease and oils. It’s, in theory, a great idea. However it is extremely good, and removes off essential oils from your skin and scalp that help the skin recover after dehydration.

Over time, it can cause long term skin damage such as acne, dry skin and unnatural spots or reddening of the skin due to a reaction. It can also dry out your scalp and hair and make it feel brittle and give it an unhealthy look.

Sulfates free shampoo have a milder form of chemicals and ingredients that does not completely cut down the dirt and grime. This means natural oils that are vital to maintain the healthiness of the hair are still kept. People who suffer from frequent dry, coarse or sensitive hair should consider a sulfates free shampoo. People who regularly dye their hair should also consider sulfates free shampoo as the sulfates in regular shampoo can remove strands of colored hair when washing.

What kind of sulfates free shampoo can you buy?

There are certain shampoos which only use natural ingredients like extracts where they have been scientifically proven to improve your hair color, vitality and scalp. The Green People have developed a sulfates free shampoo which has extracts of aloe vera, avocado and rosemary which have vitamins and minerals to enrich your scalp and hair, cleanse away the dirt and keep it healthy.

For some of these sulfates free shampoos, they are highly concentrated so using less shampoo per wash will be better than a regular amount. Check here !

Best sulfate free shampoos?

You should try Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo. This has seaweed extracts … [Read the rest]

Home and Garden

Home and garden cleaning isn’t something most people enjoy, but, unfortunately, it’s necessary. Spring time is the one time when the home needs to be dealt with top to bottom because the winter months can be harsh. How can you prepare your home and garden for springtime and make it easier for everyone involved?

Review Your Home – Conduct a Thorough Inspection

First of all, you must ensure the home is in tiptop condition. If there are any issues in or around the home they must be seen to quickly and effectively. Inspect the home from top to bottom and ensure the problems are noted and dealt with. If the ventilation needs repairs or the exterior has some damage, it’s important to fix it immediately. Further problems can be prevented too. Also, you’ll need to find the best home and garden cleaning product too for the necessary this link here!

Carry Out Home Cleaning when you feel it’s Time

You must buy the best home and garden cleaning product so that you are prepared for the tough task ahead. Spring cleaning is a nightmare and it’s always something you try to put off; however, putting the cleaning off is only going to make things worse. On the other hand, things can be made much simpler if you clean when you want to. When you feel it’s time to clean go ahead and do so. There is no set time, you can clean in the winter as much as you do when spring hits – whenever you feel it’s time to clean, clean. You don’t have to wait until the first day of spring it’s when you feel the time is right. Most people think they should only clean when it’s spring but not entirely.

Remove Debris from the Garden

Home and GardenSpring is always around the corner and it’s necessary for you to make sure the garden isn’t the last thing to be seen to. Gardens often suffer badly from winter, especially if strong winds or snow has occurred. Winds … [Read the rest]

Outdoor Gardening

We seldom embrace home cleaning but it seems we are worse when it comes to outdoor gardening. It seems strange that while thousands absolutely adore their gardens and spend almost twelve hours a day maintaining it, many others do not. However, if you want to find a great and simple way to keep busy then you should consider outdoor gardening. This is the best way for you to stay busy and it’s really a lot of fun too.

Maintain the Garden Once A Week

Outdoor gardening is fun, but it’s not always a piece of cake. You cannot leave the garden to its own accord otherwise it’ll soon get out of control and that is never good. If the garden isn’t maintained well then it’s going to get into a sorry state and it’s not going to be fun. Yes, it might keep you busy but allowing a garden to get out of control is always a bad move. Garden cleaning will take hours on end and you’ll soon give up which is why it’s necessary to look into maintaining the garden. Cutting the lawn and doing all other things once or twice a week is wise. It will keep you busy and at the end, you’ll have a lovely garden waiting for you.

Add Flowerbeds to the Garden

Home cleaning isn’t the only task you have to pass your time, you can opt for gardening and it can be really quite fun. You can go outback and pick out some spots which are prime for flowers or vegetables. Planting vegetables and flowers can be quite fun and you don’t have to do a lot to maintain them either. Usually it is the weather that determines how successful flowers or vegetables grow and in all honesty you don’t have to spend much. The seeds are really inexpensive but once you plant them you can enjoy watching them grow to marvelous heights.visit today!

There Is Always Something to Do

Outdoor GardeningThere is only so much you can do in a garden … [Read the rest]

Keep Your Garden Clean

Garden cleaning remains an important task for any garden lover. If the garden isn’t kept clean then it can look awful and uninviting which isn’t what you want. However, keeping the garden clean and tidy isn’t too difficult to do, it’s very basic stuff and you don’t have to spend hours on this either. Read on to find out how to keep your garden clean and make it more appealing to visitors.

Watch What Products You Buy

A little note to the wise, you probably buy home and garden cleaning product or solutions, but the ones you buy may not be suitable for your home. For instance, people look to buy products that can help clean surfaces in the home as well as look at cleaning outside furniture. However, some of these products can do more harm than good. You should look at Eco-friendly and non-chemical products so that you can get the right combination for your home and garden. This is an important part of keeping your garden clean too.

Remove All Trash and Unwanted Items

Trash accumulates so very easily and it can turn your lovely garden into a trash heap! However, as soon as you spot a piece of trash or rubbish in the garden, remove it. Clean it away so that it doesn’t attract more. Rubbish can end up in a garden, especially if the weather is very windy or if people pass in front of it. People can throw things into the garden and it soon can become very untidy. However, taking a few minutes at the end of each day, or even the end of the week can be very useful. Garden cleaning isn’t too tough and it helps keep things looking nice.

Remove Weeds

Weeds are a nightmare and they so easily pop up in almost every garden imaginable. When you think you have only one little weed to take care of, it turns out you’ve got seven! That is only the start of it and if you don’t see to the weeds … [Read the rest]

Green garden Cleaning

Who thinks of garden cleaning as green cleaning? Very few and that is worrying to say the least. Each and every day the world is polluted and even when we try to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint, something else comes along to puncture a big hole in the ozone layer. However, green cleaning is a necessary factor, even outdoors in the garden. But what does this mean and can it help the environment?

What Is Green Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what green garden cleaning was all about? Well, it’s really about ensuring whatever cleaning product or cleaning method used is less harmful to the environment. If you were to say use a certain product to clean furniture found outside in the garden, or to clean the pathway it should have little or no impact on the overall environment. This is green cleaning at its best and it’s vital because if more harm is done to the planet, it puts everyone at risk and the planet is already slowly dying. Taking precautions to prevent harm is crucial and not as difficult either.

A Big Help

To be honest, there will be most people who say using Eco-friendly or green home and garden cleaning product isn’t enough and in a way it isn’t. However, using non-chemical and Eco-friendly products is a big step and it’s one that could be so useful against harming the environment. Yes, this isn’t going to save the planet single-handed, but it is going to do a lot and that is what is so important. Green cleaning is about ensuring no more harm is done to the environment and there are many ways to reduce harm and make the planet better.continue reading here!

Does It Really Work?

Green garden CleaningYou can use a great home and garden cleaning product that has no chemical element found within it, but does that guarantee you aren’t going to harm the planet? Unfortunately no and it’s all down to the method in which you clean. Are you using excess materials … [Read the rest]